About Us

Hello and welcome to our page, CHAIN – South Staffs (aka Carers Helping all In Need) is a South Staffordshire Parent and Carer Support Group located in Cannock, Staffordshire which welcomes anyone from the South Staffordshire area.

With thanks to The Peoples Health Trust we have now secured funding which will sustain us for the next two years. This will enable us to reach out to more of you and fund much needed social events and networking sessions.

We are an open service, welcoming anyone who has children with special educational needs, learning difficulties, mental or physical disabilities, sensory difficulties and additional needs. Whatever the need we strive to support you in what can be a very isolated world. Our primary aim is to be needs specific and NOT condition specific, if there is a need for support we are here, we will not turn anyone away.

CHAIN was created by a small group of people who recognised a need for local support services in our area. These were people who themselves had experienced first-hand the long and tiring journey of fighting for support that their children and young people so desperately needed. In these ‘battles’ we found ourselves alone and unsupported, together we came as one together to assist others through the maze of the unknown. You can find out more about us in the ‘Meet the Team’ section.

At the point of diagnosis of any condition or when it’s established there is difficulties with learning Parents and Carers are often left feeling isolated and wondering which way to turn. Our fundamental priority is to be there to support the Parents and Carers, there is a lot of support out there for children but seldom do you find a place where a Parent has an outlet to talk through their needs in an appropriate environment.

We are a service with a difference, we know that sometimes the support does not stop at us – we aim to hold regular networking sessions where will we will invite in local organisations who provide services that we feel may be of benefit to our members. Not only does this help you to find out about the local services on offer, it also helps local organisations to work together to promote a healthier and inclusive community. We will also help to signpost you on to other organisations that we feel may be of benefit to you. Alongside this we will also be inviting in speakers regularly to educate our members on any issues that they feel they need support with.

We are very excited to be able to provide you with an online secure ‘Support Forum’ via this webpage. This means that the support does not stop! This will be monitored and moderated by our team. We hope that this extra outlet will provide much needed support outside of the times that CHAIN is not operating. This is also an opportunity to talk to other people in similar situations, and support one another. A forum that provides you with an outlet 24-7, 365 days of the year – what more could you ask for?

Healthwatch Champion logo

We are proud to have recently been appointed as a Healthwatch Staffordshire champion organisation. What does this mean? Well its simple, Healthwatch Staffordshire are a completely independent and transparent service who work very closely with the health and social care sector. They bring forward the local communities concerns and liaise with them to promote positive changes that shape the future and quality of the health and social care sector. CHAIN are passionate to work alongside Healthwatch and take forward any concerns that you may have with local services and be your voice. We want everyone to feel as though they are a valued part of the local community and that any concerns or queries they have are acknowledged and heard.

We have charitable aims for the future and hope to reach out to children too but we must not run before we can walk. It’s important that the Parent or Carer has an outlet to come to as it isn’t just about helping the child it’s also about empowering the Parent or Carer and help them increase their confidence and self-esteem within their caring or parenting role.

Having children with complex needs or disabilities can be a very difficult and tiring journey but also equally as rewarding. It is our belief that with support, guidance and knowing you are not alone can be very important tool to enable you to feel more proactive and confident within. It is also a very vital step in allowing the person to socialise and meet with other people and form positive long lasting friendships. We hope that CHAIN provides everyone with the service that we aim to be, we welcome any feedback on how we can improve our standards further. All information within our meetings will be treated in strictest confidence (unless we feel it poses them or someone else at significant risk.)